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Artist Information

Label: Unsigned

Genre: Dub / UK Reggae / Fusion

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

Influences: Manu Chao, The Skints, Gentlemans Dub Club, Nubiyan Twist

Soundslike: Fat Freddy’s Drop, Madness, The Specials

Label: Self-Released

Genre: Dub / Uk Reggae / Fusion

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

Influences: Nubiyan Twist, The Skints, Buena Vista Social Club

Soundslike: Fat Freddy’s Drop, Shanty, Backbeat Soundsystem


"Really nice to hear the British Reggae music sound alive and well. State of Satta are bringing an energy reminiscent of the likes of ‘Shanty’ and other great bands with a fresh spin."
- Nile Barrow, By The Rivers.

2021-09-03 - State of Satta Lindisfarne shoot (11 of 35).jpg

State of Satta is a dynamic 7-piece Reggae band hailing from Leeds. Formed in the turbulent year of 2020, they've quickly made waves in the UK music scene with their energetic stage presence and triumphant sound. Their rambunctious bass lines and beautifully crafted multi-lingual melodies in French, Spanish, and English set them apart, carrying on the lineage of bands like Gentleman's Dub Club, UB40, and Fat Freddy's Drop.

In the short amount of time they've been together, State of Satta has toured extensively throughout the UK, headlining many sold-out shows and supporting touring bands like Dub Pistols and Zion Train. Their festival performances have been electrifying, sharing main stages with legends like Madness and The Wailers.

With accolades such as radio play from David Rodigan on BBC Radio1Xtra and standout performances at Beat-Herder Festival, State of Satta's momentum shows no signs of slowing down. They are a festival force to be reckoned with, bringing joy to reggae lovers of all generations and spreading positive vibrations across the UK.

As they continue to take the UK reggae scene by storm, State of Satta is also setting their sights beyond their home turf. They are currently preparing to release their debut album in 2024, an eagerly anticipated project that promises to be a thrilling addition to their already impressive repertoire.

Influences include: The Skatalites, Fat Freddy's Drop, Nubiyan Twist, Gentleman's Dub Club, Buena Vista Social Club, Backbeat Soundsystem, The Skints, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Dub Inc, The Specials.

With a sound that resonates across cultures and an unmatched energy that lights up every stage they grace, State of Satta is a thrilling act that is firmly establishing itself as a significant presence in the reggae world and beyond.

Notable Performances.

Beat-Herder 2022 - Main Stage

Lindisfarne Festival 2022 - Main Stage

Eskfest 2022 - Thursday Headliner

Kanteena - Supporting Dub Pistols

The Trades Club - Supporting Zion Train

Undercover Hippy UK Album Tour - Touring Support

The Cluny - Supporting Chainska Brassika 

Latest Release:



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