State of Satta - MOONLIGHT BUBALOO - 04.02.22

Moonlight Bubaloo
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Moonlight Bubaloo (w. Intro)
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Label: Self-Released

Genre: Dub / Uk Reggae / Fusion

Languages: English

Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

Influences: Nubiyan Twist, The Skints, Buena Vista Social Club

Soundslike: Chainska Brassica, By The Rivers, Shanty

like a warm, dub-drenched bass hug splashed with cuban rum... killer tune!
- The Undercover Hippy

Following the release of their breakout single, Strong as Lions, State of Satta are back with a haunting tale of debauchery, mystery and misdemeanour. Moonlight Bubaloo follows the side-effects of a harrowing potion, guaranteed to give the user the night of their lives.

'Just a single drop will make it gameover'

This time around the band combine their infectious grooves with chilling backing vocals, emphasising the lyrical craftsmanship of frontman, Yotam Sigwalt. If you were looking for a spiritual successor to the Specials' Ghost Town or By the Rivers' Vulture; It can be found within these 4 minutes.

State of Satta are a 7 piece dub-fusion band based in the north of England brought together by a collective love of dub and reggae. The band fuse the rhythms of one-drop and steppas, bone shaking bass lines and resonant vocals to create a distinct groove driven sound. 


Founded from the ashes of 2020, State of Satta released their first live Single and Video session ‘Bring out the Fiya’ in the Spring of 2021 garnering 15,000 views on Facebook within its first 3 days. Following a series of warmup shows in the Winter of 2021, State of Satta are now looking to the future with their debut independent EP release in the Spring of 2022. 

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